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  • This is Jill's paternal line, showing four ancestral lines - Knight, Jones, Edwards and Watkins. Henry Knight is Jill's great grandfather.The Knights, Perris Goslings and Nethways all lived on the North Somerset Levels, a costal plain, being an expanse of low-lying flat ground which occupies an area between Weston-super-Mare and Bristol in North Somerset, England. The villages that they lived in are Yatton, Kenn and Congresbury.
  • Additional surnames include: Stock; Payne, Harper, Hale and Gooding.

Jill's Great Grandparents Henry Knight and Esther Edwards

Esther Edwards is my paternal great grandmother.

Not too much is known in out family, about my great grandmother Esther Edwards or her family. My father had told me her maiden name was Edwards but as Esther had died two years before my father was born, little was recalled about her.

Some details were unearthed by my father's cousin Nan Phillips of Tonyrefail. She sent me census details and a marriage certificate, all of which helped in determining exactly who our Esther was.

What has been discovered is that she was born on the 25th April 1859 at Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, the daughter of Thomas Edwards who had come from Newtown, Montgomeryshire. Thomas Edwards was employed as a Coker who presumably worked in coke ovens converting coal to coke for use in iron-making furnaces.

Thomas and his family had moved from Monmouthshire, into nearby Deri, Gelligaer, Glamorgan and thence to Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil where I assume Thomas would have been employed at the Cyfartha iron works.

That is all I have discovered so far. There is more to research on this family; an ongoing saga.

If you are researching this family, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Great Grandfather Henry Knight

Henry Knight is my paternal great grandfather.

What was known in the family was that Henry was brought up by his Grandmother and there had been some talk about his being illegitimate. He was very proud of the fact that he was born 'in Yatton & Cleeve' and was a Somerset man.

A search at Taunton Record of the available Census 1861 RG9/1710 for Yatton, Horsecastle End shows Eliza Nethway, Henry K. Perris, Grandson, Scholar 7, born Yatton, Somerset.

Gransha's Birth certificate shows that he was born in 1853.  There is no father's name, as it would have if Mary Ann Perris and Frederick Knight had been married or even if Frederick had accompanied Mary Ann to the Registrar, acknowledging paternity. On Gransha's wedding certificate, he has named his father as being Frederick KNIGHT, a Gardener.

The various information gained from the six available census for the Perris families, covering the time that they lived at Yatton, shows a rather complex family, of marriages and remarriages, but we learnt that Harry was brought up by his  maternal Grandmother, Eliza NETHWAY, [formerly Perris nee GOSLING] which proved the handed down family story.

Between the years 1871 & 1880, Harry left Yatton, with his half brother Thomas Stock. They travelled to the Glamorgan coalfields, where their previous occupations of agricultural labourers gave them access to labouring, in the coalmines. When the 1881 census was taken, Harry and Thomas are living as boarders at 8 Campbell Terrace, Llwynypia with Harry’s first cousin Joseph PERRIS, also from Yatton.

Jill's Grandparent's Frank Knight and Maggie Jones.

Frank Knight and Maggie Jones were my paternal grandparents.

I had thought that my Grandmother's name had been Margaret but she was actually registered at birth as Maggie. As my paternal grandmother, I didn't see her as often as I would have liked. She was always very kind and she was very good to talk to, as she took and interest and listened to what you had to say. As my only grandparent I had a lot of respect for her and thought a lot of her.

She had jet black hair, which she retained up to her death at 87 years of age. Many of her grandchildren recall her as seemingly always wearing a cross-over pinafore of small springs of flowers on a black background. She always wore black lace up shoes with a slight heel, which were highly polished. Everything about her was spotlessly clean in every way. She knitted socks for her sons and son-in-laws which always seemed to be on the go, and she could turn a perfect knitted heel.

My Grandmother attended her Welsh Chapel every Sunday. Her father had been a Lay Preacher in their chapel at Clydach Vale. This may have been Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel. If it was this chapel, it may well have been why most of the family left Treorchy to live in Clydach Vale.

In 1882 a larger chapel was constructed, and this may well have tempted them to leave Treorchy, particularly as John James Jones was a Lay Preacher. My Gran was born in Treorchy in September 1884 and her twin sisters in June 1887 in Clydach Vale. Their sister Lizzie Jane was born in 1896 when my grandmother was 12 ears old.