Obituary of BENJAMIN RAYMOND, Penygraig

Rhondda Leader, 27 June 1903


Funeral of Mr. BENJAMIN RAYMOND Penygraig.

A well known and respected inhabitant of Penygraig in the person of Mr Benjamin Raymond, for many years builder and contractor at Trebanog and Penygraig, passed away at his residence, 30 Belle View Street on Wednesday evening the 27th ult., after a long and painful illness. The deceased gentleman who was in his 51st year, was a native of St.David's, Pembrokeshire. He had been residing in the Rhondda Valley for a period of over thirty years. Previous to coming to Penygraig, the deceased was for some thirteen years landlord of the Rickard’s Arms Hotel, Trebanog, Porth.

The late Mr.Raymond was a member of the Ivorites and Oddfellows Clubs at the latter place and it may be of interest to our readers to know that he was one who built the Butcher's Arms Hotel, Penygraig about twenty-eight years ago.

The funeral took place on Saturday last at Llethrddu Cemetery, Trealaw, when a large number of the leading inhabitants and tradesmen of Penygraig and Trebanog attended.

The mourners were: First carriage - Mrs.Raymond (widow); Mr and Mrs David Raymond, Cardiff (brother and sister-in-law); Misses Adeline and Dora Raymond (daughters)

Second carriage - Mrs.Lewis, Bryngoleu, Dinas (daughter); Misses Annie, Rachel, and Cassie Raymond (daughters); and Miss Gwen Raymond, Cardiff (niece).

Third carriage - Mr and Mrs Edward Lloyd, Penygraig (father-in-law and mother-in-law); and Mrs Protheroe, Penygraig (sister-in-law) and family.

Following the hearse were Master Teddy Raymond, Penygraig (son), Mr Llewellyn Lewis, Bryngoleu, Dinas (son-in-law); Mr.D.T.Lloyd, Blackmill (brother-in-law)